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Too much cold medicine is bad, bad!

Now I know the cold medicine I am taking is effecting me in a bad way. I just put a load of dirty clothes in the dryer ... not the washer ... turned it on and walked away. When I returned I found a load of freshly dried dirty clothes.

Nice one!



  1. i laughed out loud when i ready this post!!! feel better soon :)

  2. I do stuff like this WITHOUT too much cold medicine. haha. Feel better soon.

  3. I can totally relate I just emptied the dishwasher aand thought I forgot to put a cup away. Yeah I flipped it upside down as I went to put it in the cabinet and SPRITE! went everywhere! It was my dirty cup from dinner I just wanted to scream!

  4. Love it. Thanks for sharing. Hope you feel better soon!!!



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