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What not to do when you are bored ...

Let's just say I had some time to kill this morning. And let's just say I was spending it looking up past boyfriends. We are talking guys I dated ... not like the one who got away or anything like that. There are none and most days I am happy with my choice. (Sorry Lawyer ... but there are days you would return me as well!!)

So ... the ones I could not privately stalk on Facebook I googled. I stopped when I found this ...

Seems like Mr. Stewart had a past. One I was not aware of ...

Thank goodness we only dated ... briefly ... three or four months ... and did not enter into a "relationship"! I would have been really shocked when I took him home to my parents and my dad did his routine "checking" and that popped up! And I am positive it would have considering he worked for the New York Times Company!

Holy crap ... no wonder Lawyer always referred to him as Boob!!

I think tomorrow I will read instead!!


  1. haha!
    Too funny!

  2. oh my, I went to FSU and that was still talked about in the 90s, the whole reason Pike was kicked off campus. If they only had google back then huh

  3. Oh my gosh. That is so scary. I always find that, when you Google an ex, you find things you didn't want to know. Not that I've ever done so myself, of course...;)

  4. Scary! I bet you never expected to find something like that!

  5. Love this post!! Especially since I tend to do the very same thing!!! I love reading your blog! I wanted to nominate you for Queen of All Things!! Keep up the good work!!!

  6. HOLY SMOKES. I don't know, MPM... some things I'd rather not know!

  7. wow, I was at Tallahassee Comm. College during that time and remember that. It was so awful! and you are so lucky for leaving him in the past!

  8. At least I am not the only one who secretly stalks old boyfriends when I am bored! I can't believe you found that!

  9. EEWWW that is scary- glad your life never took that turn.

  10. OMG!

    I've looked half my old boyfriends on Facebook and I'm actually email chatting with some of them! :)



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