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Family fun night ...

... might stink if your 4 year old can repeatedly beat you in Wii tennis.

Not once ... not twice ... but every. single. time!!

And then she decided to tell me how to hold the controller and the best way to swing at it.

And the one point I did make she looked at me and yelled .. "Holy smack ... your good!"

Now that's encouragement!

Thank goodness ... since earlier she asked me if I could look pretty tomorrow.

Apparently I wasn't looking pretty today in my Lilly fish pants, my havianas and my Jcrew white T ...

... but there's always hope tomorrow!!


  1. OMG that is hilarious that she asked you to look pretty tomorrow!! I about fell off my chair reading that! Kids say the funniest things.

  2. Oh that is hilarious! I always feel bad when little kids beat me in wii! I think it takes my confidence away!

  3. Was the night better or worse when your friend texted you requesting care for her children on Sunday?! hee hee

  4. Funny! That sounds like my niece and Wii bowling She's awesome at it.



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