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Tiny Whities ...

All of the boys in our house wear boxers. Always have! Lawyer wore them when we got married and I bought them for the boys when they were done with those thick white training pants and were fully potty trained. It was their prize for mastering the potty!

Well ... five years after potty training Little Mister we had to rethink the boxer wearing. He has been struggling with tucking in his boxers and buttons have never come easy for him. So why frustrate him further with the boxer issue.

So after a few deep breaths I purchased briefs for him last week. It was a little bit of a stretch for me since it was my first purchase of said briefs. I never understood them. They are the same inside or out. How can that be ... Not to mention that they come with yucky bands sporting the name of said briefs for all to see if you bend over too far. Not at all my style!

Well ... I did it and he was thrilled. They were easy to put on and fit perfectly under his shorts and beloved jeans.

So ... off to Granna camp he went with all of his new briefs washed and ready to wear. Day 1 and he told Grandad about his "tiny" whities. My dad feeling the need to correct him informed his that they were not tiny but TIDY.

Little Mister stared and him and responded ... "have you seen them ... they are sooo tiny?"

So "tiny whities" they remain!


  1. Aww! That's cute. Although, what about boxer briefs?

  2. we love boxer briefs here both my big man and little man wear them



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