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Sunday thoughts ...

First off I must add that I made two trips to the drive-thru liquor store yesterday. The second time I went my sisters in law and I went together to the "dry cleaners". (Don't tsk-tsk me ... they are in the same parking lot!)

Anyway I drove up, rolled down the window and the attendant greeted me as ... hey Mrs. Lawyer. Both of my SILs giggled ... and then dead silence!

Ok ... so maybe this is an area I need to address ...

On to today's thoughts ...

Today in the sermon at church we were discussing sexual impurity. Good sex v. Bad sex.

Great sermon ... until ...

He mentioned that 80% of our children ages 5 and up have been exposed to Internet porn.

Come again?


80% ... that is 8 out of 10 children. How does this happen? Most times with our sweet children mispelling their favorite websites. Lord knows it has happened to me. Ever tried to visit the White House Black Market online ... Bad! Bad! if you mix up that one! And heaven help the child who is doing a book report on the White House!!

It can also happen when our kids visit You tube. Great site ... but also full of porn. (And yes ... I came home and checked it out for myself and yes it was there!) Even Itunes has some apps that would frighten you.

When did it get so bad? At my age it was the forbidden play boy magazines in my friends parents bathrooms. They frightened me then ... but that was the worst it was!!

Why so young? Because this is the age that our children begin to play on our computers. And at that age if they are typing on their own they are such easy targets.

The whole thing made me shake in my flip flops. I refuse to be the parent who sticks their head in the sand and insists it will never happen to me.

It will happen and I will have talked to my kids and taken every precaution. And it will still slip in.

But I will be checking and waiting ... and that BFF relationship I have with my 12 year old will pay off!

Pinky swear!!


  1. A teacher friend of mine opened White House dot COM in front of a class of fifth graders once. UH OH! Big mistake... It is a shame. Thanks for the info...makes me nervous about my 10 year old niece!

  2. Wow! I had no idea it was this bad. I already know when I have children tons of things will change in our house and comuters will not be used unsupervised but holy cow. I didn't realize it was this bad. This just makes me sad.

  3. Oh my heavens, I didn't even know drive-up liquor stores existed. Thank you for that very important bit of information!

  4. I *think* that white house dot com is now an actual good site... Maybe I heard wrong.. I'd check it out, but I'm at work.. so..



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