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Back to school ... or almost!

Got back in the routine this morning for another year at school. I love a new chapter! Summer, the new year, a new school year ... they all bring such possibilities!

Spent most of the morning in a fog ... which turned into a funk and then into depression! ... Could not quite put my finger on the problem. I mean, I know we have a lot of heavy stuff going on but it felt bigger than that.

And then it hit me. Pre K ... you know the school I sat in line at 5 am for in February??? The one who last week lost its funding and I lost my place in??? Well ... it too was to start this morning promptly at 8:30 am. And we all know how that turned out!

So ... why was I sad ?? I must admit ... it was the shadow following me around this morning asking a thousand and one questions. The one I have to watch 24/7. The one who is bright enough to figure out how to drive the car all by herself. The little cutie who gave herself her own haircut! The one who is not going to full day, free pre k this year but instead to an adorable preschool for another year of half days.

Yep ... its a bummer ...

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry! It stinks that it had to have happened that way but maybe somehow it will turn out to be the best thing! I know it is hard to believe that right now, but it is true :)



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