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So sad ...

My laptop has a virus and is completely locked down ... it will not do anything! It is headed to the doctor first thing in the am!

The desktop is in the process of being moved and it is also acting up ... Comcast will be out to fix that one.

I am completely out of touch ...

I had to steal a moment on Lawyer's laptop to make an attempt at catching up. I have caught up on blogs and read the news. Or ... as Lawyer says "the trash". I read the newspaper and get all my scoop online. It is what it is!

I hope to be up online by midweek at the latest ... see you then!


  1. I have found that I always get alot of other (more important, according to my husband) things done when the computer's down...

  2. hope all get fixed for ya!!! hope you have a great week! = )

  3. Oh no, I am so attached to my computer. Actually, I really need to be on it MUCH less than what I am. =( I hope yours is fixed asap.

  4. So sorry to hear it! I hope the computer doctor fixes it right away!

  5. Oh nooo! Feel better soon computer!



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