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Prepping for Scott ...

The rumor on the streets is that my nephew will return home on September 9th. That is amazing to all of us who on July 22 were told he would not make it through the week!

A lot has to be done for him to come home. He is a junior at UGA so none of his life still exists here in Atlanta. Since my sister in law is still in Montana I was enlisted to help get the house ready.

I must admit when I arrived yesterday morning I really wanted to turn around and head home ... but a few hours later I was feeling more on top of it!!! The army of men and women showed up including SILs best friend. She is awesome! I thing we graduated from the same organizing school! We have so much to do ... but the first day was great and there is nothing left for us but organizing and cleaning.

It will get done and all in time for Scott's arrival. It will be so great to see him and hang with him and see him with all of his friends! We have so much to celebrate.

Oh ... and the upside of yesterday (besides the obvious excitement of prepping for his homecoming) ... my BIL fixed my laptop. Yes ... he fixed it, it cost me nothing and it works perfectly!!! I am so happy I could dance ...



  1. Yesterday in Mass, I couldn't get your newphew and family out of my mind. I said a few prayers. I really hope his recovery continues to go well.

  2. So very many things to be thankful for, right Miss Pink Clutch?? I am so happy for you and your family. Hope you enjoy your days to come. Maybe we can have a little meet up next time I come to Atlanta to see my PD??!! xoxo



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