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Lovely ...

The news is reporting of all the flooding in the area.  This is the most rain we have seen in 100 years.  Here at the house we have seen 15 inches of rain in two days.


The news reel at the bottom of the screen states ...

"Do not attempt to enter the flood areas.  If you see water rising, turn around, do not drown."

Thank you for that advisory.  I will do my best!



  1. Funny. So they had to tell you not to drown. Ha! You southerners are smarter than that!

  2. I am actually here in Atlanta. YES, I have never seen in all my days - and those are many - so much rain for sooo long! We had to go to Sandy Springs today and it took us forever to get back to Buckhead. So many road closed - a huge tree had fallen across one hwy. It is a miracle no one was hurt! And no, we didn't attempt to travel through any water! xoxo

  3. Hope all is well and you are not having too much damage from the rain. May the sun come out soon for you all. It looks like a mess.



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