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Whitney Houston!!

I just finished watcing the Oprah interview on tivo.

Whitney Houston looks amazing!

Her dress ... flawless!

Her shoes ... to die for!

Her legs ... holy cow!

Her hair ... perfection!

She looks and sounds amazing!  And tells an amazing story!  Her laughs made me smile!

Great interview!!



  1. I only saw Monday's show....I agree.

  2. Haven't watched it yet - but am dying to!!
    So glad she's off the crack and back to belting it.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree!! The whole time, I could only think one thing: you go Whitney!!

    I think I might even download her whole CD!

  4. I am so glad she is healing. I have always loved her and it has been hard to watch her crash and burn over these past years.

  5. I have it DVR'd....hope to watch it soon. Back in 2004 she and Bobbi (Bobby? Bobbee? Booby??) were at The Palm in Buckhead with their entorage and Doug and I were there having drinks and a little tiff b/t bobbi and whitney occured and she went outside and sat in one of their rocking chairs. And as we left she was out there crying and rocking and talking to herself. She was a mess, but still beautiful. And as I walked past her I remember thinking how talented and beautiful she was and how bad things seemed to have gotten for her. So glad she's pulled herself up and is back on her game.



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