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Computer + CPR = pretty good!!

Ok ... I have picked up said sad computer and it is currently ready to be plugged back in in my studio.

So far ... so good.

I will not begin to understand all that BIL said to me but this much I did get ... all of my information is still on the computer but the applications are gone.  Ok ... huh?  Amazing BIL works for the Lottery.  He writes scientific games for a living and can basically rescue anything from the dead.  Just putting his hand on it makes it better.

It is running ... not sure how.  I have fonts but no software to load them.  I have photos but the software that stores my photos is gone.  I have documents but no software to open, read or edit them.  Basically I need to spend most of tomorrow getting all the programs and apps back and then we shall see.

The first thing I will be doing?  Loading all my work stuff on an external hard drive.  Pronto!

Keep your fingers crossed ... I should be up and running by dinner!!! 

Atleast that is my plan ...


  1. Glad you didn't lose everything! I'm hoping you can get the programs installed. Lots of luck to you! :)



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