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A little postal ...

My computer died on Friday night.  Like died.  Would not even turn on. 

We are not talking about my laptop where I post, answer emails and enjoy life.

We are talking about Monogram Me's computer. 

My business is in that computer ... my life line!

My brother in law is working on it and I will know soon whether or not it can be saved.

Pray for me and for it ...

... it does not have a DNR so I am hoping for the best ...

If not I will be having wine for dinner and dessert and trying to figure out how to recreate 80% off my business.

It is not good!!!


  1. Ohhh noooo!!!! I'm so sorry to hear that. Can you recover anything? Good luck!

  2. OMG! I'm saying a BIG prayer for you right now! I can't imagine. Good luck...

  3. OMG! You must be freaking out! I will say that I know someone who is AMAZING with computers. (not trying to say your brother in law is not). Our computer died. 3 years of family photos, videos, lots of work and personal information. I almost died. A very good friend of our family saved all of it! And he has done it for many others at our church, even people who took it to a computer expert who could not save anything. We live outside of Charleston, I know it's very far, but if you get desperate, let me know. I will send you his info.

    Hope it all works out!

    Amy in SC

  4. Oh my gosh! I really hope he can fix it and get you back up and running!

  5. Hopefully he can perform a miracle! xoxo

  6. Most of the time, you can recreate the data on your hard drive. It isn't always cheap, but neither is losing your business data.

    Best of luck!

  7. Oh no! I'm sending you lots of good wishes! :)



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