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OCD Marathon ...

This afternoon I treated myself to back to back to back episodes of Flipping Out.  I adore Jeff Lewis.  How can you not adore him?  His warped sense of humor and his need for utter perfection had me the first time I ever watched the show.  I would work for him in a minute.  I simply adore a gay man and he is nothing short of perfect!

Jenni ... love her!  It takes a strong woman to put up with someone so demanding.  Why in the world she married Chris the loser I do not know ... thank the Lord she is rid of him now!  She has worked hard for seven years and should be up for an award for making it past the first month.

Trace ... he is simply darling!  The boy can not get out of bed until he wins at the checkers app on his cell phone.  He must win a game before he gets up.  Oh ... and then add in the day he wore the short shorts to work.  Jeff's comment ... "he's going to get beat up today!"  Love it!  Does it get any better?

Zoila ... how in the world she puts up with him is beyond me.  She is simply a saint!  Jeff was so sad when she became a US citizen ... he could no longer threaten to deport her.  And then there was the day she fed him the bad bacon.  It was months out of date and he was throwing up for two days.   He insists he will no longer eat bacon.  Her response ... "you got lots of rest and thin".  Love her!

Ryan ... he makes me nervous.  He is one of those friends that puts money first.  That with Jeff's paranoia is the perfect recipe for complete disaster!  His daughter is darling and Jeff is determined to corrupt her.  She is 2 1/2 and her favorite drink is Chardonnay, she wants to work at Hooters when she grows up and when Jeff asks her what she wants for Christmas ... she says a boob job!  He is one bad uncle!

Bravo ... Tuesdays at 10 ... check it out!  You will love him.

Pinky swear!


  1. I LOVE Flipping Out.... not gonna lie, I have watched many a marathon of that show.

  2. AHH! I missed it! sob =:( I love Jeff. I would totally work for him too, if I could stop laughing long enough. Love tuesday nights at Bravo!

  3. It's one of my guilty pleasures too!!



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