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Healing and Busy!!!

Such a long week since surgery!  Lots of rest, lots of love from dear friends and family, lots of jello, juice and water ... time to work!!!

Monogram Me has its first open house tomorrow night and all day Tuesday and I am behind!!!

I have been working since yesterday morning (with only one nap and one 8 hour night rest) and it is still looking slow.  I usually can bust it out with my hair on fire.  But I am still low on energy and it is taking a lot longer than usual.  I keep having to remind myself that I do still have stitches and it has only been a week and the surgeon told me to give my energy level two weeks.  But I am ready to work!!!  Sheesh!

I think I will trade my morning glass of water and 1/2 cup of coffee for something with more energy.  Maybe a double shot from the Lucky Buck??? 

I will be setting up for the show tonight and tomorrow.  Lots of photos to come ...

Here is a preview of the products showing this week at Monogram Me ...

 Monogrammed Scarves, Team Koozies, Holiday Koozies, Bar sets, Monogrammed Umbrellas, Scallop magnetic boards with Preppy Magnets, Holiday Pillowcases, Monogrammed Pajama Sets, Applique Christmas T shirts, Applique Letter Shirts, Polka Dot Blankets, Slippers ... and much more!

It is all adorable and I can't wait to show it to you!!!

Have a great Sunday!

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