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I know i pinky swore ... but

I did not get the Christmas items posted this week!  Call me a loser if you like ... but it has been an odd week to say the least!

Monday Little Mister was home from school (not planned) and Lawyer and I spent the day with him.  It was exhausting (too say the least) but we worked with him and got a lot accomplished.  We are working through some of the anxiety and your comments are very helpful!!!  I have printed most of them out and I am checking into each and every suggestion.  He and I will get through this ... just not sure how quickly it will happen! 

Tuesday I spent at the hospital with my SIL for her mom's biopsy.  Exhausting day ... but worth every minute.  They have some good news and how good it is remains to be seen.  But she is not a stage 4 yet and in that news lies a lot of hope!  Six weeks of radiation and she will have a better idea of what lies ahead.

So my SIL Tammy and I sat in the surgery waiting room for the family most of the day Tuesday and in a weird turn of events she found herself back in the same waiting room at 1 am on Thursday waiting for me to get out of surgery.  Feeling bad all day Wednesday turned into an emergency appendectomy early Thursday morning. 

Seriously ... WTH?

I am now home and Lawyer is watching me like a hawk.  He promised me if I drank my water and took a nap I could use his laptop so obviously I was a good girl.

I will be up and moving midweek and back to work. 

Until then ... rest, water and lots of trashy mags my sweet friends have brought by.  What would one do without their friends?  They swooped in and took care of the details and litterally made it all so much easier. 

And my poor SIL ... see is a saint!  She has been through so much lately I am waiting for her to collapse.  Maybe I should get her some monogrammed scrubs for Christmas.  While I am there I will order a set for me, they do look awfully comfy.

I am getting the evil eye ... so back to resting.

I shall return ... MPM


  1. Wishing you a speedy, peaceful, restful recovery!!! Something must be up...did you know Glen Beck needed an emergency appendectomy earlier this week also?

    Amy in SC

  2. Oh goodness! That really is a rough week! I hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. You are in my thoughts and prayers Ms Pink Clutch.
    What a week you and your family have had.
    Take care and come back to blogland whenever you feel up to it!

  4. I'm wishing you a speedy recovery as well! It's great that you have such GREAT friends backing you IRL and in blogland too.

  5. Feel Better, Ms. Pink Clutch! I'm glad that your husband is taking care of you.

  6. Clemsongirl is the freaking best.

    Just saying.

  7. OMG- I am so sorry. Do you need me to go through the drive-thru liquor store for you? ha! Feel better soon.

  8. Hope you feel better soon, sounds like a very rough week.

  9. Appendectomy...oh my goodness. Be careful as you get back to work. I am sure you are anxious to get in to it but don't over do.

    Take care!



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