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The end is here ...

The end of spring break is here and I must say I am sad!  I love having my kids home and getting to do fun things with them.  Since my MIL is still in hospice we went the route of the staycation.  Not my first choice but we quickly got into a routine of fun things!  I must say they are sick of me and ... shh ... me of them!  hee hee!  Back to the grind for all tomorrow morning!  At the crack of 6:30 am ... ugg!

In preparation for summer I have been cleaning out!  Oh ... so many bags stuffed with things to go so many places.  Donations, Library ... and Ebay!

Check out the listings here ...

And if you see something you want ... let me know!!!

Happy Sunday to all of you!
Smooches ... MPM

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