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Happy Birthday Little Mister!!!

Nine years ago I was holding a new baby in my arms as he was born at 11:52 am.  My husband got the best present ever for his 40th birthday ... a baby!

The sweetest baby who has turned into such a sweet boy.  He struggles more than I do each and every day.  On most days he never even complains. 

He is strong, creative, funny, charming, thoughtful, sensitive, perceptive, adorable and stubborn!!!

I love you dearly!!!


  1. Sweet and handsome, too! And so true, the best birthday gift ever. Happy birthday to your son!

  2. What a doll! Happy Birthday to Little Mister and Mr. Pink Clutch!! xoxo

  3. Happy Belated b'day to all. Both are sweethearts....

    Linda in GA



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