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Going green ...

Every year on Earth day I attempt to do more for the environment.  We are conscious at home in some areas but I feel like we completely miss the boat in others.  I do not use paper napkins we use cloth ones.  I do not buy water bottles we use glass or acceptable plastic ones.  My husband has a love affair with his cast iron skillet, although I am not sure we have removed the teflon pans from the house.  I buy organic almost everything.  Although expensive it is well worth the trade.  When running errands I am very careful to do so in a circle route to save gas.  I will say that even though I own a Yukon XL I do only need to fill up about once every 10-14 days.  We wash most of our clothes in cold water and I do own a energy efficient washing machine.  Our thermostat is set at 78 in the summer and 68 in the winter.  I own green shopping bags although I forget to use them all the time and then I have to recycle the plastic ones.  We recycle anything we can at the house.  My kids are very focused on recycling and they do a great job in public remembering to bring bottles and cans home.  I will never forget the summer my oldest brought home all of his water bottles from camp to recycle.  And why do I worry about that kid?  Although I did draw the line at bringing home a beer bottle from Willy's a couple of weeks ago.  My middle child was completely appalled at my "bad" behavior.

I still feel like there is so much more I can easily take on ... and I am asking for suggestions.  But I will warn you ... do not suggest I buy energy efficient light bulbs ... I draw the line on that one!

And as a reward to you ... I will send out five green prizes ... and adopt five of the suggestions you make!

Suggest away ... 


  1. How about swapping some of your household cleaners for "greener" versions? I use baking soda and white vinegar to clean just about everything from bathtubs to countertops. The baking soda is a great alternative to Ajax, Comet, or any abrasive cleanser. Vinegar is great for cleaning windows, too! This allows my 5 year old to help with the household chores:) You have some awesome habits already established and have inspired me to curb my family's use of plastic bottles. We do recycle them but we shouldn't be buying them at all!

  2. Great post and kudo's to your family for all you do to "reduce, reuse, recycle." Here in South Carolina we have local farmer's markets and some are organic, so I shop those. Also, some local restaurants serve locally or state grown food, which is nice. My parents have a large garden, so I'm able to benefit from that as well. I recycle old tennis shoes with Nike to make rubber playground surfaces. Also recycle old cellphones with the local woman's shelter. Of course, telephone book recycling. My woman's club recycled almost 1,300 this year. We also won the state conservation award for woman's clubs.

  3. I use the coil light bulbs, which I think are energy efficient, and we love them! The last forever, and use less energy. Maybe you haven't tried the right ones?

    I def need to start running errands in a circle! Great idea. I sometimes find myself crossing the same path three times when out running errands!

  4. I love my Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottles.

  5. This one is a little time consuming, but how about composting? We called our city government, and they had a program where they brought you a free composting bin and instructions. You do have to take care of it (water some, turn the leaves, put in your wasted food...definitely read up on this part as some things do not go in your composter, ie meat), but it sounds like your children could help and it would be a great project! :) Good luck!



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