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Keeping green ...

Keep the comments coming ... I am not up to five resolutions as of yet.  And I am not giving in to the lightbulbs although I may try a new kind.  We shall see.

Little Mister came home from school with a great idea.  A basket for computer paper that we use for scraps.  So once the paper we do not need (and we all have these random pages) comes out of the printer it goes into a basket to be used on the other side again.  Great idea.  I would put the paper right back into the printer but then I envisioned Lawyer printing off a pleading on these "used" sheets and skinning me alive.  Not a good plan!

I am happy to report that I purchased two more reusable Lilly Pulitzer tote bags yesterday and I recommend you do the same.  They are to die for ... super cute and Lilly to boot!  I purchased the strawberry print but here are the photos of both of them ...

(photos courtesy of

I have only picked one winner ... keep the comments coming!

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  1. I love reading your blog and the bags are so cute. I might have to order some as gifts.



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