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Happy Birthday Lawyer !!!!

It's a special week for us ... and today we celebrate our Daddy!!!

and here are the 49 (OMG!) reasons I love him ...

1.  He is the smartest person I know.
2.  He is loyal.
3.  He tells me No.
4.  He is funny.
5.  His impressions make the kids giggle!
6.  He loves babies.
7.  He is an amazing cook!
8.  He has the prettiest blue eyes.
9.  He is very preppy and loves to wear pink.
10.  He was Alex P. Keaton in his last life.
11.  He fights for the little guy and wins.
12.  He can clean my house better than me.
13.  He's an amazing photographer.
14.  He makes coffee for me every morning.
15.  His ass is bigger than mine.
16.  He has pretty feet.
17.  He can sing and did every night to the kids when they were babies.
18.  He loves antiques just as much as I do.
19.  My head fits perfectly into his neck.
20.  He likes both chick flicks and action films.
21.  He likes Harry Connick Jr.
22.  He likes to vacation both at the beach and in Colorado skiing.
23.  He wants to learn to fly fish when he grows up.
24.  He stays away from me when I'm bitchy. 
25.  He puts up with my very anal side.
26.  He doesn't try to use the pretty towels and pillows.
27.  He looks great in his Jeep.
28.  He loves his parents.
29.  He comes from good people.
30.  He let me break our family only rule when naming our children to use my BFF's name for Babycakes.
31.  He has cool family names and wouldn't make me name our children horrible names like Thankful or Herman.
32.  He laughs at me when I send the kids "untradeables" for lunch.
33.  He's a softie.
34.  He likes to nap on rainy days just like me.
35.  He doesn't make me iron his shirts.
36.  He loves to have a house full of people.
37.  He adores my best friends as much as I do.
38.  He looks amazing in a tie and suspenders.
39.  He keeps everything.
40.  He knows when he loses his crap I know exactly where he left it all.
41.  He likes clothes more than me.  (and I am completely addicted!!)
42.  He was wearing Lilly Pulitzer when I was just a babe.
43.  He loves to eat outside.
44.  He is fine with the fact that meat makes me nauseous.
45.  He doesn't hunt and expect me to cook the meat he brings home.
46.  He has always accepted our children for exactly who they are.
47.  He doesn't judge anyone.
48.  He rarely gets angry.
49.  He adores me!

He's a keeper ... xoxo

1 comment:

  1. So sweet! Happy Birthday Lawyer! (And WHO KNEW you are a fellow meat hater?? haha)



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