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Working ... soccer ... swimming ... took a trip ... kids last week of school ... oh my!

There's a lot going on in the Lawyer house this time of year.  Sports ending ... others beginning ... end of the year gifts, parties, good byes ... working day and night ... It's been a busy couple of weeks!!!  Not that I am complaining, I love the business ... but it does not leave a lot of time for blogging!

Things are good and we are almost ready for summer.  By almost I mean me ... I am not quite ready.  I have organizing, shopping and binders to finish all by Friday.  I need to work tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night and Wednesday until noon and then I am free to pull my summer together in two short days.  I know it sounds impossible but I promise you with a couple of Starbucks double shots and some good tunes on the ipod and I will pull it together in the nick of time!  I must feel organized before summer can begin.  The kids and Lawyer know it and it has been that way since I became a mother of school aged kids.  The first morning of summer means trading out backpacks and tennis shoes for goggles, shorts and a bucket full of flip flops.

I have listed out camps and Lawyer has booked our vacation and now I must pull the rest together.  Once Friday comes I will be ready and excited for summer!!! 

And you ...


Empowered and now current ...

I just joined Twitter.  I have zero idea what I am doing and I still do not know the difference between @ # and * ... so I will probably screw it all up and tell someone off by using the wrong symbol.  But just like everything else I will sort it out!

Kind of excited but mostly nervous ...

Follow me on twitter to find out all the new and happening things at Monogram Me ... my user name is monogramgirls ...

I will keep you posted on how it all works out ...


I feel empowered ...

First of all you must check out Suzy Said the Atlanta edition!!!  It is fabulous and I would say that even if a BF didn't own it! You all know and love Clemsongirl .. and you know she rocks!  And if you forget she will remind you ... pinky swear! 

As I was perusing it this morning with my coffee I stumbled onto a how to for self tanner.  I have never successfully used self tanner although I have made numerous attempts.  I love the idea, I love the look but I have never mastered it.  And it comes off looking like I have zero idea at what I am doing. 

So imagine my surprise and delight when I stumbled onto a how to make it perfect on Suzy Said.  I have bookmarked it, printed it out and will be working on it this week.  I am headed to LA on Thursday and now I will not appear as if I have spent hours and weeks in hospice and hiding from the sun!  I am so excited and I must say quite empowered!!!

Here is the link to the article .. enjoy!!!


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