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I feel empowered ...

First of all you must check out Suzy Said the Atlanta edition!!!  It is fabulous and I would say that even if a BF didn't own it! You all know and love Clemsongirl .. and you know she rocks!  And if you forget she will remind you ... pinky swear! 

As I was perusing it this morning with my coffee I stumbled onto a how to for self tanner.  I have never successfully used self tanner although I have made numerous attempts.  I love the idea, I love the look but I have never mastered it.  And it comes off looking like I have zero idea at what I am doing. 

So imagine my surprise and delight when I stumbled onto a how to make it perfect on Suzy Said.  I have bookmarked it, printed it out and will be working on it this week.  I am headed to LA on Thursday and now I will not appear as if I have spent hours and weeks in hospice and hiding from the sun!  I am so excited and I must say quite empowered!!!

Here is the link to the article .. enjoy!!!


1 comment:

  1. ahh soo helpful for a red head like myself!! thanks!



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