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A fresh new year ...

School started here in Georgia way tooooo early!  I am still struggling to send my babies to school each morning before the end of August! 

They, on the other hand, are thrilled ...

As Babycakes boarded the bus that morning I was so proud of her!!  She was excited and ready to take on the world as a kindergartener!  No tears for me and certainly no worries!  Girl can take care of herself and many others in the process.  She is strong!!!

And so was I ... until Ms Diane sweetly asked ... "Is this your last baby to go to school?"

And I was a wreck ... and probably still am!

But she loves it ... thrives on learning and continues to surprise me every single day.  So I am wearing my big girl panties and letting my baby go.

As you can see there are no photos of the 8th grader.  As I got ready to take a photo of him ... he tilted his head to the side and said simply ... "Mom ... please!"

And there we go ...


  1. It is too hot here in Georgia to go to school...the heat index is just outta control...our first day back was girls have always liked back to school day son started shunning the camera in about the 7th grade....

  2. She looks like she's ready for anything! What a brave one! I bet she'll be the star of her class!

  3. Oh the memories of new backpacks and new clothes . . . They look great! Hope you're doing great as well :)



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