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The joys of motherhood ...

I apologize for not being more on top of posting lately.  We have had a lot going on in the Lawyer house and some of which deserves a blog post.  Namely ... the reason we are now calling the hubs Lefty.  But on to that later ...

I love the start of the week ... the weekend has brought relaxation and rejuvenation and I am always ready to kiss by babies goodbye and send them off for a successful week at school.  To do list for the week has been made and I am ready to hit the ground running!

That is until you hear someone throwing up down at the end of the hall at 5 am.  Shut the front door!  Really?  This is how my week starts? 

So I am getting Babycakes ready for school and the oldest pads down the back stairs.  He looks all beat up and says to me ... "Is it bad to cough up colors?".  Great!  Lovely!  Two down!!!

So today's to do list has been revised ...

(original list in black, revisions in red)

Coffee with friends Drive thru Starbucks and make it a venti
Pediatrician appt for 2
Post office and leave kids in car
Good will easy to do since its a drive thru
Consignment store drop off
Court house for Lawyer oh frick!  I'll plan that out on the way
Market make that drive thru Walgreen's for meds
Swim Team that will work since one sick child is old enough to babysit other sick child
Dinner on patio
Bath/bed for kids
Work for me all the stuff I couldn't get done during the day and probably most of tomorrows to do list too!!

Like I said the joys of motherhood!!

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