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Boy soap ...

Babycakes takes her own showers.  I start the water and she takes care of the rest.  She is a very independent six year old.  If she needs something she beckons me (read screams) and I deliver the needed goods.  She even washes her own hair and uses conditioner!  I love that she can take care of it all herself!!!

Yesterday as we were preparing for church she called for me.  "There is no body wash in my shower."  I hunt around and produce a rather full bottle on the shelf in the shower.  She looks and me and states ... "I can not use that one.  Its for boys!"  I examine the bottle of lavendar scented body wash next to the Old Spice body wash and inform her that the lavendar is indeed her body wash.  She looks at me and gets quite upset!  "But right here on the bottle it says BOY WASH.  And I am not using boy soap!"  (Her Aunt Clemson would be so proud of her!!!)

Or it reads "BODY WASH" ... but great reading skills babe!!!

1 comment:

  1. That is so cute! I have all boys in my house, and I may or may not be guilty of drawing them bubble baths with my Kiehl's Bubble Bath--WHY should I have to suffer for the smelly boy-ness!



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