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The path ... continued!

Apparently I answered all the questions with the exception of one.  Lawyer grew up in Jupiter, Florida.  He comes from three generations living in Jupiter and when we visit he still shares so many stories.  I can't imagine what it would be like to have my parents and my grandparents living on the same street.  I love the stories he shares and the strong sense of family he comes from.  His grandmother's house is located on the point of Jupiter inlet and we can see it when you fly in from Orlando. 

He settled in Orlando after law school and we met at a law office.

And that is a story for a whole separate post!!!

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  1. I remember the post from a while back about how you all met. I always love to read you, Clemson girl, and tahoe girl. I thought I would like to blog but found out I like to read em more, don't comment much on anyone but it is fun to read.

    Ok so I was born and raised in Jupiter.



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