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The path ...

To answer a comment I get a lot ... I grew up in Lakeland, Florida.  I am a beach loving Florida girl at heart.  I wear flip flops more than nine months of the year and I am currently sporting them with a turtleneck and yoga pants.  I went to college in Orlando and loved my time in Winter Park during those years.  I still feel extremely connected to this quaint community.  Shopping on Park Avenue and brunches at Briar Patch are my favorite things to do in town.  Winter Park gave me my first home (many darling apartments), a life long best friend and eventually the man I would marry.

I moved to Atlanta on a whim after breaking up with a boy I was madly in love with and who was sure he would never marry again.  I literally gave notice at my place of employment, took a job I had always wanted and moved the next week.  I didn't know a single person in Atlanta or Georgia for that matter.  It was the bravest thing I had ever done.  Thinking back I am still shocked some days I really did it.  Something inside of me just said GO.  My BFF and I were sure the move would only be for a year or two until I was sure he and I had both moved on.  Oh I was madly in love!!!

I arrived in Atlanta in October of 1993 and watched the Georgia-Florida game on my tiny tv with aluminum foil since the cable was yet to be hooked up.  I will never forget the first time I sat on the ice cold seat in my loft apartment.  It was freezing and I was in shock.  Cold in October in Florida ... never!  I had a standing order at the coffee shop behind my house every morning.   A large coffee and a toasted everything bagel.  I was 23 and discovering who I was.  It was a time I would never replace.
Oh ... the good ole days!!! 

What happened to that boy who was sure he would never get married?  He got the shock of his life watching me pack and move.  We both needed that time to grow and change and make sure it was the right relationship.  He flew into town on a stopover during trial and proposed a year later.  We were married on August 26, 1995 and as they say, the rest is history.  

I hoped and prayed he would come around ...


  1. Oh my gosh!! That went totally different than I had thought in my head!! So glad he came around and nothing beats Florida in the winter!!

  2. WOW!!! Got to say that I got tears in my eyes!!!

  3. Oh my,so cool. Well everything other than the UF part. I went to that other school in Tallahassee. Fabulous story and what a great happily ever after in Atlanta, one of my fav places. Where is lawyer from?

  4. I love that story! Sometimes a man can't miss you unless you go away!

  5. BEST STORY EVER!! So darling! He was smart enough to realize what he was losing ;-) xoxo

  6. Oh.. I just shed a happy tear.. Good Lawyer!!

  7. OMG- who knew??!!! Not me! But so glad I do now. Love it!



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