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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

I wish you a safe evening and a blessed new year!!!


Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!
I hope your holiday is filled with joy!


Merry Christmas from the Lawyer house!

I love this photo!!!  I love her excitement and the way that Santa looked at her letter!  She practiced writing for days what she wanted to ask for ... I must have spelled American Girl Doll a million and one times!

As we all take one million photos looking for just the right one this one made me laugh so hard!  She is giggling her heart out as I am sure they don't think she is any where near as funny as she's sure she is ...

And lastly the card photo!

I adore it as much as I adore each of these little cuties!!!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!!!

Sweet times ...

This has been the craziest fall!!!  I have never been so swamped with work (thanks to my sweet and loyal customers!!!) and the kids have been keeping quite busy schedules!  It has been a blur since September 27th!!! 

My last day of work I shipped the last boxes (all 30 of them), tidied up the studio and shut the door behind me before heading out to grab some cake squares at the bakery for a party I was attending the next night!  I was so excited!  I was done and could now focus on my own gifts and my sweet kids ...

As I was driving back from Vinings the roads were getting slick ... it was sleeting and the temperatures were dropping!  It took forever but Baby Cakes and I made it home safely and were just sitting down to dinner.  A client called and said she had misspelled her gift and could I quickly re cut another vinyl for her to swing by and grab out of my mailbox.  Easy peasy ... run downstairs ... cut the vinyl ... grab the fake uggs and run out the front door to stick it in the mailbox.  Record timing and I would be back at the table for dinner.  Or not!

I stepped on the metal doormat and slid on the frozen mat and complete icy front brick steps and landed three steps down on the sidewalk.  HOLY CRAP!  One minute I was standing up and the next minute I was in serious pain on the sidewalk in the sleet!  I bruised the heck out of my rump and suffered one broken tail bone!  Lovely ...

I have been quite the grump since last Wednesday night.  I have cried many tears and felt so incredibly sad that I was missing out on the most exciting times ahead.  I was stuck at home (minus the carpool runs) and feeling like crud!  I had not put up our Christmas tree and the Christmas cards were still sitting in the fed ex box.  The shopping wasn't done and I was feeling so overwhelmed!  I had to miss out on the fabulous party thrown every year by my friend Charlotte, drinks and dinner at the W with the gays, a weekend trip to Kentucky and so many other fun times I had planned out in my head!  I was quite the unhappy elf!!!

But I am all done with that!!!  I still hurt!  I still feel sad however ... I am moving on!  Bruised bum, bright red donut and all!  I am blaring the Christmas music and celebrating the days to come.  I am planning a girls night out and shopping with Preppy Paper Girl tomorrow!  I awoke to a partially decorated tree this morning and a free day at home to finish it.  I have a sweet family and great friends!  I am blessed and I am thankful! 

So there will be more quite time on the couch in front of the fire then running around ... so what?  That actually sounds amazing and I need to be thankful for the gifts I have been given.  I fell the night I completed all of my orders ... not the week before.  I have met some adorable and really kind customers this year and I am thankful for each and every one of them.  I have received calls and texts and such an outpouring of love.  One sweet friend showed up at my door with a pan of homemade mac and cheese and cookies!  I am lucky and so thankful for it!  My kids are so helpful and so considerate and are more than willing to sit with me instead of begging to go out and do. 

It will be a quiet Christmas and I will enjoy each and every minute of it!  I had been wishing for a Silent Night ... and I have been given one!

I am thankful!!


Where does December go?

I love the month of December!  But the time flies way too fast!!!  One day I am presenting the kids with their advent calendar and the next time I look at it there are only 12 more days!!!  The down side to owning a business with a busy fall!

Every night I try to sit and enjoy time with my kids and reflect on how sweet this month is meant to be.  I am so thankful to be able to say Merry Christmas and celebrate the upcoming birth of Jesus!  But the time still flies by and before you know it another year will be here ...

Last week I was catching up on my blog reading before bed and I stumbled onto such a sweet post by the Blue Eyed Bride.  I immediately listened to the song she was sharing by Amy Grant and now I find myself listening to it all the time.  It is such a sweet song and one I will share with you tonight. 

We all need a silent night ... and here, thanks to the Blue Eyed Bride is my new favorite song!

Enjoy ...

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