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My new hair ...

About 18 months ago I was encouraged to grow out my hair.  One of my besties, Hair Girl, encouraged me to let it grow ... and that I did!  It went from a super short pixie to a long stacked bob that hits just below my shoulders.  I can now pull it back, put it up or flat iron it and wear it down!  I absolutely love it!!!

Last Tuesday I had a visit with the very talented Hair Girl where she cut, colored and blew it out.  I left for Kansas City looking fabulous.  It is the blondest it has ever been and it is my favorite cut and color by far.  I fussed at her while she trimmed it wondering if she was cutting too much and she just laughed at me.  Her response ... I am cutting off less now than the length of your hair when we started this process.  So very true!

I adore my Hair Girl.  She is amazing!!!  She makes all five of us look amazing and she is the only one Little Mister will let near him.  He did hit her on the first couple of cuts but they have worked it out and now he will even let her shampoo when its done.

Your the best HG!!!  And you know I love you!

1 comment:

  1. I love you as much as you love your hair! Just remind Lawyer that the flight will be cheaper then hair for 5 plus the drama of finding a "new" hair girl!!!



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