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Home again

I arrived home early this morning ... and I was ready to be home and see the kids!  I arrived to a huge red fold out sign in the den stating "WELCOME HOME MOM" made by the two youngest.  I must say I should go away more often with that kind of homecoming!

Lawyer and I had a great couple of days together.  He is getting settled in to his new job and we explored the surroundings some.  The midwest is very different from the south.  The people are kind and keep to themselves where in the south we tend to be nosey.  They are focused on their family time and being outside even in the notsolovely weather I was greeted with upon landing.  I think I might like the midwest if I gave it a chance.  It will never be the south ... but nothing ever will be.  The south is my home and has been for most of my life ...

... but I think its time for a change!



  1. There is no doubt in my mind that you, with your positive and open-minded attitude" will do great anywhere you live! Glad you had fun. xoxo

  2. Are you contemplating leaving the great south?! Please keep us updated! I love your blog and have followed for a long time.



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