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My tiny little problems ...

After posting this morning and then moving on about my day I received a call from a dear friend who has stepped in as my in town mother.  She is simply the best!!!  She told me to turn on CNN and tried to catch me up on the devastation that had and was occurring.  I was overwhelmed by the photos and the reports.  I have no idea how those people will ever put their lives back together.  But they will ... by the grace of God. 

As I went about the rest of my afternoon it came time for me to get the kids from school.  Today they were walkers.  When they walk I meet them at the school and we walk the path from the school to our neighborhood next door.  It takes us across the field and into a cul-de-sac.  As I drove into the cul-de-sac I heard a helicopter but didn't think much of it.  Then as I walked onto the path I realized the helicopter was on the field and worst of all ... it was a Life Flight.  My heart sank.  The path was blocked for a few minutes as they loaded in the person needing care and took off.  The leaves blew up and they were gone.  But the impact on all of us gathered there was huge.  The fireman on the sidewalk next to the school quickly reassured us that no one from the school was hurt.  It was just the best place to land for a person who needed to get help immediately from a nearby accident.  All afternoon I felt myself smiling at my husband more and holding on to my kids a little tighter. 

And as I tuck them in and head up to my room for the night I realize that I started this day thinking my problems were huge.  And then God showed me, more than once, that my problems are tiny.  There are people with real devastation that need our love and support. 

And I think Him for that gentle reminder!


  1. Well said, thank YOU for the reminder.

  2. I totally agree, leave it to God to bring us back down to our level. Sending out many prayers for the people of japan today.



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