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New discoveries

Since embarking on lent I have found some new yummies to share with you!  It is quite a committment to give up one thing and I gave up three ... what in the world was I thinking???  But I am committed and will not give up!  I have discovered some great things to add to my days.  The days are not as bad as they were on the first day when I thought the mind blowing headache would do me in for sure!  I will confess that during a late night visit to Target with a bestie we both admitted we were dragging!  But a quick run through the Sonic for crushed ice and a cherry limeade will fix all I assure you!  And you may be up past midnight from the sugar but that is a whole different post!

This yumminess consists of cranberry juice and sparkling water.  It will take the drag out of your caffeine withdrawal!

Love, love, love these!!!  They are yummy and low in calories!!!  The granola thins also come in dark chocolate but I do not want to even attempt that one!

If you head to the Nature Valley website they have a 75 cent coupon to boot!  YUM!

I love granola bars but I had never indulged in the roasted almond flavor.  Add a banana and its perfect!

Rice cakes have always been a favorite of mine and now they are making a come back in my life!
One of these babies with natural peanut butter or red pepper hummus and I am feeling better in no time!!!
I really enjoy a bowl of oatmeal but for it to be super yummy it needs to be steel cut oats!  I eat them so many different ways ... maple syrup and almonds, berries and pecans, agave syrup and cran raisins ... yum!!!!

They take a while to cook but you can always soak them overnight and warm in the am!  So much faster!!!

Greek yogurt!  What can I say ... simply divine!  Must be non fat but I will eat it with just about anything on top!  I lean toward the honey, pomegranate and black cherry but I will eat any of them!

I will admit I am feeling so much healthier.  I am not a terrible eater but I will chose bread and caffeine over a healthier option.  I am hoping this time of refocus will change all that!!!



  1. I love that Chobani yogurt. I miss it so much.

  2. Wishing you TONS of good luck with the Lenten withdrawl's. I am craving a Pibb ZERO :(

  3. i gave up caffine about a year ago and will certainly have to try that juice! iv been making my own with OJ & Pelligrino. nice to have a grab and go option!



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