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Once again a shout out to Nordstrom!

As Lawyer headed to a meeting yesterday morning he handed me a handful of shirts to take to the dry cleaners.  My goal was to find a dry cleaner close to his hotel (who launders but does not dry clean) that he could use regularly during his stay here.  He handed me seven shirts and I quickly calculated that was not near enough shirts.  Who wants to dry clean that often when you are out of town?  Not me!!!

I located the Nordstrom and quickly set out to find him some suitable dress shirts.  Lawyer is so picky about his clothes.  We have been together for 19 years and he has the same requests for new clothes he did on day 1 of our relationship.  He is truly Alex P. Keaton.  All his suits are navy or grey only.  His shirts are white or blue and all patterns must be subdued.  Ugh ... he is so hard to buy for!

I found a Nordstrom at Oak Park Mall and headed in.  The mens department is quite small so I was concerned I would have trouble shopping for my picky husband.  Why oh why do I ever question Nordstrom?  They never disappoint!

I quickly located their Smartcare dress shirts.  You simply wash and dry and they are perfect for wear.  If you send them to the dry cleaners you request they launder and don't use starch.  How easy are these?!  I located two patterns but did not see Lawyer's size.  While I headed out for a meeting of my own the salesman found Lawyer's size in one shirt, located the second shirt at another store in the country and even suggested a fabulous third shirt in the perfect size.  I left hours later with two shirts and one on the way.  I simply adore Nordstrom.  They have impeccable customer service and it never wavers!

Yesterday was a great day ... started out super cold but warmed up to a beautiful day.  Successful shopping, a yummy lunch at the Nordstrom cafe, a great meeting for me and a yummy dinner at Blanc Burger's and Bottles.  Alone time with a very happy husband ... who can ask for more?

He left this morning wearing one of his new shirts, a conservative blue and grey plaid.  He looked fabulous and I am simply thrilled!!!

Love, love, love Nordstrom! 

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  1. Their cafe is the best! A great place to go for good food when you have kids with you too!



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