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The start of a brand new week!

I do love a new week ... a new to do list and seven days of new possibilities!  My week always begins on Sunday.  Leisurely morning with two cups of hot coffee ... a little computer time ... church at 11 and then a long lunch.  The rest of the day is spent watching over the kids as they do their laundry and hanging out.  Before I turn my lights out on Sunday night I make a to do list for the week of the things I need to do.

I just pulled out last weeks to do list and doublechecked everything was done.

Here was the original list ...
Make two lamp shades
Buy fabric and trim
Make Babycakes curtains
Pick up bird prints
Move twin beds to storage
Sell biscuits for 8th grade fundraiser
Add remaining fundraiser dates to calendar and schedule all childcare needed
Oversee kindergarten kidstown for Babycakes' class
Meet Hair Girl to find vintage clothes
make birthday present for kindergarten teacher
Finish buying furniture for Babycakes' room - side tables and two more lamps

And here are the things I added in ...
Late night phone call with asst principal
add asst principals cell number in my cell phone
three more trips to Good Will
four trips to resale shop to gather the rest of the costume for me and two others
eat slice of coconut cake after spur of the moment trip to Piece of Cake 
grocery store more times than I planned
part time job as seamstress
improntu dinner at mexican restaurant

wow ... no wonder at the end of the week I am pooped!  We all do so much.  Life is crazy and there is much to do!!!

As I make this weeks to do list I am thankful for my ability to stay home with my kids.  I am thankful for the sweet man who has joined our house!  His cheerful face is a delight each morning!  It will be another crazy week ... but a good one!



  1. You are a wonderful wife, mom, friend, and dil. Have a great week! xoxo

  2. Piece of Cake coconut cake is my FAVORITE cake in the world! I could eat an entire cake by myself if someone didn't stop me!



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