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Wedding planning ...

My nephew is getting married in July.  This is the same nephew who just two summers ago almost lost his life in a terrible car accident.  We have so much to celebrate!!!

Babycakes has been asked to be the flower girl.  She is absolutely over the moon!!!!  As the party invites pour in and the date creeps closer I need to plan on her attire.  She is wearing a dress chosen by the bride for the actual wedding but we need to chose what she will wear otherwise.  And she wants to grow out her hair a little so I am relying on Hair Girl to help me with that one!!!  So far we have three events to attend ... maybe more to come!

For the first shower ...

from Papa d'Anjo ... paired with a pink sweater and ballet flats
(this one is before Easter so no white shoes)

For the bridesmaids luncheon ...

from Lilly Pulitzer ... also paired with ballet flats

For the rehearsal and dinner how about this ...

from Lilly Pulitzer ... paired with a white cardigan and white sandals since the dinner is more casual
(she can also wear for Easter ... I love this dress!!!)

Ok now for my wardrobe ... hmmm ...

I'll think about that tomorrow!


  1. You have been on a BLOGROLL, really enjoying your posts!! How is hair girl and her little girl doing?? Nice that you are so sweet to the FIL I loved mine so..we miss him everyday!

  2. Darling! Those are all perfect! xoxo



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