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Dear Lawyer ...

Dear Lawyer ...

Thank you for being a great man.  For sticking with me and putting up with me thinking I am so low maintenance when I am in fact a woman which means I am some sort of maintenance.  Thank you for putting up with my bipolar mood swings lately.  Please know through all of my tears lately I am incredibly happy for you and your new adventure.  I am thrilled that your dream job has finally arrived for you.  You have hoped and dreamed for this opportunity as long as we have been married.  Thank you for driving 13 hours in your tiny yellow jeep to chart the waters for us and our new life.  I worried a few times that your precious little jeep wouldn't make the trip.  I should have know it is just as strong as you are.  I know it is hard for you to watch your family come and go back to the life you once knew.  We will be together soon enough. 

I am so incredibly proud of you.  You are leading our family in the way God has always planned for you to do.  You have been so strong and so brave in this new adventure.  You come "home" to a tiny hotel room and take out each night and continually listen to me unload the stresses of my day and tell me you love me and this is all temporary.  But please know I am hip to your indulgence of bbq more than once a week ... I know you are in pig heaven in the bbq center of the states!  Enjoy ... you deserve it.

Keep the faith and know that you are missed as we head out of Kansas this morning.  I already miss your hugs and your laugh.  I miss you You looked amazing this morning in your suit and your suspenders.  I always love you dressed up for the day.

Til the next time I see you ...

I adore you Alex P. Keaton ..


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