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Happy Birthday Little Mister!!!

Our middle child is 10 today!!!

We will be spending the day at the Marble Museum, Winsteads for burgers and shakes, mexican for dinner and bowling for a finale ...

Isn't that the perfect day for a ten year old?

He thinks it is ... and he planned it himself!!!

I love you baby!  I can not imagine one day of my life without your smile and your sweet spirit!  No one in the world makes me laugh harder than you!!! 



  1. Oh, you have the sweetest family. I see lots of pics on blogs and you can really tell so much from a pic. What I see in your pics is that your family is "easy like Sunday morning" around one another, and I can also see LOVE. Yes, that honest-to-goodness like and love for one another. Your family has that comfort with one another that is so precious. Your letter to Mr. Lawyer was so sweet and honest. He is such a good man. You know you can see it in his face. Hope your trip gave you some peace about the move. I'll email you tomorrow about the move that Mr. Preppy 101 and I had when my son was 2 . . . XOXO

  2. I just sent you an email to your mpmdesigns email address. XOXO



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