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Happy Birthday Lawyer!!!

Happy birthday to the hubs!! He is a half a century today and is loving his brand new life.  After a great day at the office he met us at Oklahoma Joes in the Shamrock gas station.  I have never seen a restaurant I could pump gas and wait in a long line to eat BBQ ... but this is Kansas!  He loved the brisket and I loved the onion rings and the seasoned fries.  YUM!!! 

After dinner we headed back to the hotel for gifts and cupcakes I picked up at a yummy local joint called Cupcake a la Mode.  It reminds me of Cami Cakes in Atlanta that Paper Girl and I stumbled onto for my birthday.  And Cami Cakes is pure crack!!!  And to top it off our agent in Overland Park treated him to toffee from Christopher Elbow.  Since I gave up sweets I have not tried either sweet but I am assured that both the cupcakes and the toffee is to die for!!!  The agent is fabulous and I am confident will be my first friend after the move!!  She showed up at lunch today sporting gifts for both Lawyer and Little Mister who turns 10 tomorrow.

We had a great day.  We spent most of the morning at the Liberty Memorial which an amazing World War I museum located in KC, Mo.  It is amazing.  The view from the top of the memorial is truly breathtaking.  I am not a fan of heights so I did not brave the 215 feet overlook to check it out but the camera made the trip so I have some great shots to share.  When you first walk into the museum you cross over a glass bridge.  Under the bridge is 9000 silk poppies.  Each of the 9000 poppies represents 1000 casualities.  It overwhelmed me seeing the see of red.  Those 9000 poppies represent the 9 million who gave their lives.  There was no way to make the impression I had on my heart with my two youngest children.  Such devastation.

Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of another in our family.  When Lawyer turned 40 we headed to the hospital to give birth to Little Mister who will be 10 tomorrow.  Where does the time go?

Hope your day was lovely!!!


  1. Well, what a fabulous celebration! Happy Birthday to Lawyer and Little Mister!! xoxo

  2. sounds like a good time! i'm sure that poppy garden is incredible..and so meaningful, too! i just found your blog and am a new follower, please check out mine!



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