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A long weekend off ...

After 25 days of parenting alone I am taking a long weekend off!!!  My parents arrive this afternoon and I am headed to a girls weekend at the lake in the am.  I have decided to spend the day outside the house today and escape the sawing and painting and tiling and dust!!!  I have taken a shower, shaved, blown out my hair and now am dressed in black spring dress and ballet flats.  Since the kids are off to school and my mother loves to be in control ... I am officially off the clock!  Woo hoo!!!

Although the days (and nights) have been long I truly can't complain.  My kids have held it together and only rarely have I had to pull them back into submission.  They are a little stressed about the changes and the move but they have all been great at communicating and we are taking it one day at a time!  And the contractors have been fabulous.  With the exception of checking my spanish/english dictionary hourly for conversation and one minor setback with the painter and the wrong color the entire couple of weeks have been without issue.

I am off to grocery shop for the lake and hang with my bestie! 

Hope your day is just as lovely!

1 comment:

  1. sounds like the perfect weekend...girlfriends and the lake- what more could you want?!?



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