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A perfect weekend ...

I had an amazing weekend!!!  I am currently recouperating from too much laughter and way too much wine ... but I wouldn't trade the sore laughter muscles or the slight headache for anything!!!

I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing women.  I have the greatest friends.  Some of which I hardly see and some I see weekly.  But put us in the same space and we pick up right where we left off.  They are great girls and I love them dearly!!!

We started the weekend off with a champagne brunch at Beth's house and then headed up to Lake Blue Ridge.  We arrived around 4 and dived right into happy hour and appetizers.  We all take a meal to prepare and the food never disappoints!!!  Hair Girl and I are always responsible for Saturday morning breakfast.  I make Eggs Brushetta and she always makes something different.  This year she made Maple Cinnamon Bread Pudding which I can promise you is truly sinful!  We topped it off with Mimosas to kill the hangover from the night before and the day was off and running!

Just to recap ... here is the fun we shared ...

ziplining ... photo above
dancing til our bodies ached
starting and finishing a bottle of silver Patron (mix it with Simply Limeade and fresh limes ... wow!!!)
watching Sex, Love & other Drugs (if you haven't seen it ... wow!)
the grand reopening of the local McDonalds
two trips to Ingles ... enough said
freezing the bra of the first to fall asleep on Friday (yes we are high schoolers why do you ask?)
Zumba lessons
life coaching
one insane thunderstorm
amazing friendship and support
a million and one secrets
... and more giggling than should be legal!

I hope your weekend was lovely ...
mine was perfect!!!


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