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A new home

The last piece of our moving puzzle is now in place. 

We have found our home. 

It is happening so quickly and faster than I originally planned!

It's time for me to truly embrace leaving.

It's like a bandaid I am too scared to pull off.  I know how much it will hurt and how sad I will be to leave my home, our friends, our church and my besties!!!

It's a rough day for me ...



  1. Moving is so bitter swett! Even when I was so excited to move into our new home, it was sad to see a chapter I also loved come to an end. Hang in there!

  2. I know moving is hard, and I haven't done it in a long time so I really have no words of wisdom for you. Except, that I used to live in Kansas City/Overland Park and I LOVED it! It is a great city with lots to offer and the people are very friendly. I said the other day that part of me wished I still lived there. And who knows...maybe your children will be Jayhawks! : ) Best of luck to you!



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