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My God is in the details ...

The other day I posted one of my favorite verses ...

Look down at the path before you.

You will see the print of My feet.

"I will go before you and make the crooked places straight"
Isaiah 45:2

This day has turned out better than I had hoped or dreamed it would this am when I posted about my struggles. 

The home we have settled on was not one that we had seen or even thought about.  It wasn't in the area we chose or the school district that was chosen for our special ed child to attend.  It was completely outside the circle we had drawn.  But it is the home that was hand picked for us.  I have no doubt about this fact.  It is as plain to me as the freckles on my face.  God chose this house for us!

All of the confirming signs were coming in that this was the house except one.  We were still waiting on the special ed coordinator for the district to let us know it would be a good fit for him.  When I met with her she had read his IEP and spoken to his team and his case manager and picked the school that would be perfect for him.  We were overjoyed.  He would be in the perfect place.  Now to just find a house ...

Two weeks later and we had settled on nothing.  There were good houses but nothing to fit our needs as a household of six.  (Yes ... Papa is going)  Then I spoke to Mike the contractor.  He listened to me and then quietly asked if I had prayed for a house.  Of course!  No .. he said .. "Did you ask God for a house?"  Of course!!

But wait ... had I really asked in those words?

I sat down that night during my quiet time and asked for a house.  Forty five minutes later the email came.  We had a new house to investigate. 

I love the house.  Lawyer loves the house.  Papa loves the house.  But the elementary school would not be the one the coordinator chose.  I emailed her the following morning and asked for her thoughts.  Would the programs he need be offered?  Was it a good fit? 

It took all Easter weekend for her to respond.  She called me early yesterday with her response.  No ... it wasn't her first pick.  Yes, they had the programs he needed but it was her unspoken words that truly bothered me.  She wasn't sure if it would be a great fit.  She was uneasy.  My heart sunk.  All of the progress he has made over the last year was up in the air.  What were we to do ... was this the house?

She encouraged me to call the principal and just talk to her.  She told me I would know immediately if the fit was there.  She kept telling me that for all the uncertainty she had she was confident in the principal.  We would either love her or not and if she loved us and him all would be perfect.  She would bend over backward to meet our needs.  It would work.  She hung up repeatedly encouraging me to call.  I didn't have the heart to tell her I had no plans to call.  I was not ready to start over with another house and I didn't want to not make the connection she said I would need.  I just wanted to firmly plant my heels into the ground and be mad about moving.

This morning Lawyer made the move on the house.  We take possession early June.  My August 1 moving date just moved way up.  I was in shock.  He was confident it was our home and that all would be perfect.  I wasn't confident at all.  I was sad and simply depressed!

At 4:42 pm I received an email from the coordinator.  This is what she wrote ...

I talked with the principal of the --- Elementary School.  She has all of your paperwork.  She would love to talk with you about Little Mister's placement.  She is excited about having him and can't wait to meet all of you.  Is it ok if I give her your cell number?

Um ... really?  The first principal of the hand picked school wouldn't even let me call, or visit or anything until the house closed. 

I instantly started to cry.  God made a way.  He chose the house, he worked out the school and he even brought the principal to me when I was too scared to go to her. 

My God is in the details.  And I am incredibly thankful.



  1. May God hover over you and your family and your new home.. God Bless Little Mister.. I have a feeling this is going to be his best year yet..

  2. You haven't a care in the world sweetie. God has you in the palm of his hand. Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the day with your precious family. xoxo



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