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Randy rando ...

When you are having a bad day do not ... I repeat do not head to Verizon for technical assistance.  Although you are holding your current BB and your new BB in your hand they will probably transfer the email and the contacts from your hubs BB who is currently in Kansas.  WTH?

A cold iced tea in a monogrammed glass with a colorful straw will cure any ill you have.  Pinky swear.

A bestie that calls you from the beach after seeing a photo of your bed posted on twitter and makes a suggestion will encourage you to go right out and remedy said problem.  Because if it was bad enough to call you from the beach it must be immediately rectified!

Wearing pj pants with large ruffles at the feet will make you feel youthful.  Every. Single. Time.  Which is why I own two pairs and alternate them.

Seeing your youngest clutching her beloved blanket at bedtime will make her seem years younger.

Making your bed will make your whole house seem cleaner.

Over priced lavendar dryer sheets will encourage you to do laundry.  Even if they are ridiculously over priced.

Little Bill and Miss Spider are the best kids shows on TV ... hands down.

Take out is the best thing to make for dinner.

A gay man telling you that you are beautiful feels so much better than a straight man doing it.  Unless of course it is the love of your life.  Nothing is better than that.


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