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Accessorizing the house ...

While the yard is getting installed and the last minute touches are taking place I thought I would give you some photos of the pots we my bestie M-A planted.  I have a black thumb ... well I guess its more brown.  If she plants the pots I can keep them fertilized and watered but give me more responsibility and I am doomed!  She planted them about a week ago and she still calls me on the mornings I need to water and reminds me!  I do love her ...

This is just one of many of the flats we purchased at Home Depot.  She insisted that we go to a special location which was close to the home office and therefore had a better selection.  She selected each 88 cent like she was picking out a pair of Kate Spade shoes.  It had to be perfect!  And she would not pick a plant that did not already have a bloom on it.  She said there would be no "bastards" in our color scheme!

My job was to clean the pots ... that is all I was allowed to do ... scrub the outside of the pots!

These are the urns at the front door.  I love the color of these geraniums!

M-A hard at work.  She carefully took each plant out of the pot.  As she was dunking the soil into a bucket of water she would talk to the plant.  Um ... yes, she is totally crazy!!!

One pot done ... only three more just like it to go.

The front door all finished!  I don't have a current photo to show that the overgrown bushes have been cut because Raul the painter is touching up the molding around the door.  The original painter didn't caulk and it looked terrible!

She and I chatted and had glass after glass of Sweet Tea waiting for the kids to arrive home on the bus.  She and Babycakes had a chocolate snack and then she read to M-A before she left.  They have a fabulous relationship ... xoxo all day long!!

The house is really coming along!  I am getting excited to list it ...

Have a great Friday!

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