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8th grade graduation!

Wow!  He was just a sweet little boy and now he is on his way to being a man!
I have never been more proud of him than I was Friday!!!

(he is taller than me but I was wearing heels and refused to take them off ... he wasn't happy!)

Shaking hands with the middle school principal ...

... and the senior pastor.

The three amigos!

The school counselor and his 7th grade homeroom teacher.  She lost her daughter last summer and he was heartbroken for her!

His 8th grade home room teacher ... coolest science teacher I have ever met!

They were so hot after photos and an outside reception ... but I had to squeeze in some photos of my own!

 Babycakes begged to sneak into the school and visit her two pre-k teachers.  Since we were moving the front office was more than willing to let her go!  And the last photo ... the love of her little six year old life!  They are only three weeks apart and they have shared every Sunday school and school class until this year.  Is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

I am one proud mama!!!

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  1. Awww. These pics are so precious. I can just see in their faces how sweet they are. They have awesome parents!! xoxo



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