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Laundry OCD!

I was talking to Hair Girl today.  We love to talk on Mondays since she is off and its always a great start to the week.  We used to talk after work but she has late nights on occasion and I turn in early.  It was a no go.  She was doing laundry and I shared with her my obsession doing laundry.  I do not love doing it but I do it almost every day and I am very OCD about the way I do it!  I wash the dark loads before the whites and always the towels last.  She laughed at my craziness.  I think she thought I was embarrassed to share my routine.  Embarrassed?  Not at all ... I am ok with that!  Here goes ...

When I wash the clothes I only use original scent Gain laundry detergent.  Only.  If I am out ... I don't wash until we have more.  I love the Gain fabric softener as well.  The combination makes the clothes smell amazing!

I used to use the Gain dryer sheets (I know ... overkill, right?) but recently have switched to these ...

Hello!  Simply heaven!  They are pricey ($7.99 for 80) but they last thru more than one wash!  I love the way the clothes smell when they come out of the dryer and the way the laundry room smells after I am done.  I am addicted.  I will admit to putting one in my lingerie drawer as well.  Love, love, love them!  I would venture into the laundry detergent as well but the price is not worth the smell for me and I would be so disappointed if the clothes didn't emerge clean enough. 

When the clothes come out of the dryer I put them into a wicker laundry basket and fold them on my bed.  When I am done folding I sort them into white plastic laundry baskets for the room they go into and then deliver them to each room.  The children do their own laundry on the weekends but I do wash their sheets, towels, etc. during the week. 

I am aware that my ritual is crazy and I simply don't care.  I despise doing laundry.  I find it like grocery shopping (marketing) simply mundane.  So I have to spice it up and this system works for me!

What are you OCD about ... spill it!


1 comment:

  1. I am a ritualistic Laundress, too. Too much to even go into, but I may have to try those dryer sheets. I love their products! XOXO



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