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Laying low ...

The past week I have found myself under the weather.  I just contributed it to stress and pushed it aside.  Turns out it wasn't stress at all and now I find myself taking 1000 mg of Cipro a day and crashing at night from exhaustion.  No worries ... in 7 to 10 days I will once again be right as rain.

Of course when the Mom is sick the world doesn't stop.  It doesn't slow down and it doesn't even hold on.  Especially when Lawyer now lives in Kansas and only comes home every six weeks.  Sigh ... I have been alternating resting with errand running, clothes shopping for the teenager who is headed to DC and then to graduation in two weeks and laundry.  Seriously ... why does it seem as though the laundry multiplies when it sits in the basket.  It's just a basket of clothes not a basket of bunnies!!!

That same teenage boy is off white water rafting today on the Nantahala River in Bryson City, NC.  His "house" at school won the house competition and they are off today celebrating.  As I was gathering his clothes for the trip he kept asking for new water shoes.  I suggested Tevas and Chacos but neither fit his desire.  His heart was set on these.  I think they look most uncomfortable.  He is in heaven. 

I'm off to tidy the house, do more laundry and then settle in for some good dvr'd tv.  I swear I never watch anything live any more ... it seems like such a waste of time to sit thru commercials. 

Hope your day is good!


  1. Hoping you feel better soon! You have a lot on your plate and are doing a fabulous job. XOXO



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