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Sunday's sermon at Buckhead Church was another great one.  I find myself saying that every week.  I love this series ... it has so much great information that all of us can use every day.  To watch it online ...  Sunday was part 2. 

My favorite part of Sunday was Calvin.  He gave his testimony before the service and I cried the entire time.  Then he was baptised and I cried harder.  He received a standing ovation.  I challenge you not to fall in love with sweet Calvin.   Watch his story here ...

Not only is he precious and so excited about receiving so much love but he is a completely changed man.  He is not even recognizable now with the life he used to live.  His faith and relationship with Jesus has completely changed his life.  I love this.  I love that the person baptizing him said just that.  Jesus is in the business of changing lives. 

It bothers me to great degree when I hear people label others and say "they are this and they will never change".  Absolutely not true.  Any person is capable of change.  It can be small or it can be great.  In my life over the past year I have experience great change.  I can not imagine going back to the person I was before.  I was sad and full of turmoil.  And when I think about it I realize now this is why at this time in my life I am being asked to step out of the boat. 

I love Calvin.  I love his story.  He is a sweet man with an amazing life ahead of him.


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  1. Wow... such an amazing story. The power of God is amazing and I am so happy that Calvin has been able to turn his life around through Jesus. Thanks for sharing!



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