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The safety list ...

Our middle child has been worried about the upcoming move.  He has been talking for about a week about his concerns and trying to process his feelings.  I love that he is talking about his concerns and fears.  As long as he is talking I can help him.  He has an appointment today with the school counselor to talk more about his anxiety. 

Last night after dinner he and I were talking about the day we will leave.  First we thought we would fly ... but since we own the world's most afraid dog we will surely drive.  He was asking about taking things with him that will make him feel more comfortable.  I asked him to make a list so I would be able to make sure he had all the things he felt he needed!

Here is his list ...

1 Dr. Pepper
a bag of chips (that kind you don't like)
a bag of pretzels
2 pears
big bag of Double Bubble
my favorite blanket
my favorite pillow
a hoody

Seriously?  I can make that happen!! 

Anything to make him feel more comfortable!

1 comment:

  1. So great that you are being so proactive about his feelings. Glad he will have the summer to ease into the new home! xoxo



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