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Counselor of the Year

So Little Mister met with the school counselor.  She talked to him and asked him lots of questions.  They got online and looked up our new neighborhood, his new school and tons of things for kids to do in the Kansas City area.  Since we spent the week of spring break in KC, he was able to tell her a lot about some of the things she looked up.  He told her that he has made a pack in the car list and she agreed that was a great plan.  Just as they were finishing she asked him if he would like to meet some kids that started as new students this year.  She told him to prepare a list of questions and he could interview them.  Lucky enough ... one of the children just moved here this year from Overland Park. 

He immediately came home from school and made a list of questions in a brand new notebook.  He has it packed with fresh pencils for interviewing.  He is ready for next Thursday.  He feels empowered. 

I am now 100% validated as to her current title as "Counselor of the Year". 

Simply put by Little Mister ... "she rocks".



  1. She is amazing and is going to make "Little Mister" feel so comfortable and secure about his new home. This story literally gave me cold chills and tears. xoxo

  2. People like her -- who quietly do their jobs so very well, day in and day out -- are what make the world a beautiful place.



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